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Are you someone who has heard about Blockchain and how it is going to change the world and want to know more? Maybe you are an Ethereum Smart Contract developer building decentralized systems and want to socialize with like minded people. Perhaps, you are interested in investing cryptocurrency based projects and want to learn about them from people who are actively involved in building the next generation of the internet, Web 3.0. For anyone interested in the arts and blockchain this is the meetup for you. This includes all artists, creators, developers or investors who want to learn more about Decentralized Digital Rights Management (DDRM) and how the emergence of Smart Contracts and systems like the Ethereum Blockchain are going to change the world for the better.

More than just presentations by those creating the next generation of tools that will make the world fairer and easier for creatives and those in the creative professions where intellectual property rights and licensing are an essential part of their income, this meetup is about staying up to date with all the developments at the cutting edge of the Music and Arts Businesses and helping those involve gain a more direct, fairer and more equitable return on their talents.

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