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Our goal is to improve our music production skills. All skill levels and genres are welcome. Every several weeks we will meet to do things like provide feedback on group members new tracks or learn new skills (e.g. sharing info on new plugins we like, mixing techniques, songwriting techniques, ...). This is a great way to network and gain new skills! The only requirement is that you are actively creating recorded music.

Questions or wish to join the email list? Contact: brokenoceanmusic at gmail

**Note: Please do not use this as an avenue to advertise for profit services or products.

DO feel free to post your music and upcoming shows.



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Da Cabin Production Team Forming - First Meeting

Needs a location

Over the past 3 years, Da Cabin (https://www.facebook.com/DACABIN206) has grown to the point where it is making sense to build a team to support the events.
The backyard is setup (including a mini stage with a mini pig) and the Summer schedule is nearly complete (pasted below), so in terms of what a team might initially do, the plan is to hang posters and pass out handbills at the bars (also collect emails if you are up for that). Maybe meet around once a month, keep it social and never work too hard.
If you have an interest in being part of the production team, but can’t make this meeting, message me at [masked] and I can add you to an invite list for future meetings (probably won’t be posting them on meetup after this one).
As an aside, if anybody is able to make posters, we could use some help with graphic design (also cost of printing). Also, I’m not ready to hand over the keys to social media immediately, but if I could build a relationship with someone(s) who is/are into that, it could be really beneficial since I largely despise it (though I have a good amount of past experience and an IG account with around 1400 followers primarily in Seattle with a focus in West Seattle). Someone to run sound (I have all the equipment) could also be helpful.
Summer Schedule:
• June 4th: Community Open Mic

◦ Signup at 7:30, performance from 8:15-11

• June 25th: Performances by KPH and Golda May

◦ Doors at 7:30, music around 8:45

• July 16th: Outdoor music movie night: “Quincy”

◦ Doors at 7:30, film at sunset (around 9pm)

• August 6th: Performances by Annie Sea (Pdx) and Erika Lundahl

◦ Doors at 7:30, music around 8:45

• August 27th: Jams

◦ Doors at 7:30, Jams from 8:30-11

◦ “Moe Jams style” with signup and instruments provided (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocal mic and mic for acoustic instruments)

• Sept 17th: TBA

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