• Accepting Early Investment using Convertible Notes (Producers & Media Startups)

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    Sign up to attend this live online workshop here: https://gumroad.com/l/ElFCu/iidwyto A Convertible Note is a loan offered to accredited investors which, if a certain set of negotiated conditions are met, converts into an investment at some point in the future. This workshop reviews the fundamentals for convertible notes and provides a list of resources you can refer to in order to learn more. This workshop comes with a live online event, a recording of the event, and a workbook with an overview of the material covered and additional links and resources. If you are a creative professional developing/growing a media based startup or a filmmaker who has wondered if convertible notes may be useful in film funding, this event may be of interest to you. You will learn: How accepting funding from investors using a Convertible Note differs from accepting funding from investors using Regulation D or Regulation CF How using Convertible Notes can significantly speed up investment and reduce costs of funding by creating a “rolling close” instead of a round with a fixed closing date. Standard Terms in a Convertible Note and the impact they have on your company and future funding. Issues that can arise from a Convertible Note and why some business owners avoid them. How to get support for creating a Convertible Note and how much an agreement might cost. What you will need to have in place before using a Convertible Note to fund your company. NOTE: This is an entrepreneurs introduction to convertible notes. I’m not an attorney and this workshop is not meant to provide legal advice. It’s designed to help you become aware of when, why, and how entrepreneurs sometimes use this mechanism for accepting early investment. To create a convertible note you must work with a qualified attorney. If you have questions about these resources, please email [masked]. I look forward to hearing from you. More Resources: To learn more about my work and see other upcoming events and recorded workshops visit www.nancyfultonmeetups.com