What we're about

A Warm Welcome To All:

-Classical Music Lovers
-Music Performers & Composers (Professionals and Non-)
-Hosts Who Love Music Who Have a Space With Or Without a Grand Piano
-Those Who Would Love To Attend A Music Night
-Music Aficionados
-People Who Would Like More Music/Art/Culture In Their Lives
-Those Interested In A General Or Advanced Music Class (single or continuous/long-term)
-Musicians Interested In Rehearsing & Producing a Public Performance

-Music Teachers and Parents

-Music Students Who Love Music
-Musicians Preparing Auditions/Performances
-Recent Music Graduates/Transplants Who Would Like To Go Through Their Pieces/Keep Up Their Programs
-'Former' Instrumental/Piano Students 'Focused On Other Things' Now
-Those Who 'Play Piano' Who Would Like Technical or Musical Help
-Singers or Instrumentalists/Pianists Who Would Like Musical (classical or bwy) or Diction Coaching, or Sight-Reading/Theory Help

-Instrumentalists or Singers Who Would Like 'Just Some Extra Run Throughs' With a Pianist (Me, Or Your Own); or Cramming A Presentation ['Performing Sooner Than Ideally Hoped'🤔🙄😀]

-Music-Related Experts Who Would Love to Present Related Information (Musicologists, Alexander Practitioners, etc, but no blind solicitors/soliciting pls)

I would love to curate a community of classical music lovers/aficionados/artists/performers/professionals/supporters/teachers-students-parents, to host private music nights/afternoons/musical wine-and-cheeses/concerts/concert parties/workshops/discussions/lessons- this is a wonderful opportunity to hear & play live music in an intimate space, while meeting new, music-loving, supportive friends; share your music and ideas with others in a casual information-exchange-plus-music-and-social setting (not 'just straight music'); present 50-90-minute programs including full-length pieces, excerpts/movements, or 'works-in-progress'; learn & present new music; and also to discuss music-related topics in an organized, comfortable, supportive, welcoming atmosphere.

A Little About Me & Why:

I LOVE music, especially collaborating with others and teaching- I'm a professional pianist/vocal & instrumental coach/instructor/organist here in NYC (I've been here~15 years, from Cleveland previously), with a hugely varied musical work background, including performing nationally/internationally with very well-known professionals (classical and Broadway; opera & orchestral, ensembles, pop...) as a classical pianist, keyboardist, or music director; presenting & organizing musical programs for large groups of people; music-directing choral/instrumental groups of adults as well as children (I'm Suzuki-certified and Russian-piano-school trained, and am an excellent sight-reader, having been conservatory-degreed from very recognizable schools and regularly work at five prestigious organizations in Manhattan); parishes (I'm a cathedral organist, as I also studied that formally in school); working with college students, pre-professionals, hobbyists, adults, younger adults, and children. (Please see my bio on the group site or ask me for specifics! I'd love for the focus of this to be societal community-building, artistic music-making/sharing/learning, but would also like to help educate those seeking more musically specific information, hence this section...) I absolutely love sharing music and have especially observed throughout my time here in NYC, that many of us:

-would love to just be in the midst of some great music, making new friends, with delicious food & drinks (or so my non-musician friends keep telling me! As professional musicians we are happy and grateful to have this built-in 😀)
-do not have regular, easy access to live classical music presented well/comfortably in shorter segments/including socialization with the artists and each other
-have a beautiful space to share (with or without a tuned acoustic grand piano) and would love to host a gathering
-could use a(nother) venue (or different piano) to share & present our artistry/musical ideas
-would like professional coaching help or extra audition prep, or another run through with a pianist somewhere easily accessible, regularly/sporadically/intensively
-would like to actually learn 'how to practice/learn music' because we were never taught in the first place, though we 'took lessons' for many years
-would like our teaching studio to have another performance opportunity with a pianist at a different venue, outside their lesson/run-though times, focusing on performance/audition/concert-related collaborative details/protocol
-would like to discuss performance-related practical issues (logistics/performance anxiety/stress relievers/business ideas/presentation...)

I welcome your thoughts! I will start posting home-concert-and-preparation-related events (including polls, so please post your thoughts) once there is enough interest in the group, and which topics specifically. I envision many sets of events- music nights [wine-and-cheese concerts ideally at a home/living room or other private venue], music presentations & workshops, group or individual coaching/teaching sessions, reading sessions, ensemble or a-la-carte concerts, etc. tailored to each scenario described above, held in easily accessible venues (if workshop-related, near midtown/UWS Manhattan in a rehearsal studio or school). The fees for each event will vary according to its specifics, and may change based on MU's fee structures and other changes. (If this portion prevents you from participating, please let me know privately and I will be happy to help if I'm able.)

(If you are interested in private coachings/lessons, or need a pianist for yourself/your group/your studio/your ensemble/a read-through, please let me know specifics via email, and I will be happy to accommodate if possible.)

This group, though open to all, will soon be private, so please answer the questionnaire thoughtfully to help us get to know you- incomplete requests will remain 'pending', as well as those without a headshot/ID-type recognizable photo. Please also include LI/FB links. (If you would rather direct-message me, please indicate that and I will msg you on MU, which I will check somewhat regularly.)

I will ask for your name(s) & contact telephone upon RSVPs- please update accordingly, thank you! I may also post a meet-&-greet, to get to know one another and share ideas.

Looking forward to meeting you- I am eager to get this up and running ASAP, before everyone gets 'too busy'!

Looking forward,


Liza Wu

Music Mania Manhattan at Gmail

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