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Musical Sing & Sign! 9:00am Friday Drop-In Class
For those who the 9:00-9:45 time fits better around naps!! Ideal for pre-mobile babies up to early walkers for this location. This Music, Language and Activity Class allows you to absorb helpful ASL signs to support deeper connections with your baby/child in a fun, active supportive environment. The smaller group classes help us have time to talk about different parenting solutions for your daily lives. Don't worry if you are late or need to leave early, do what works for stress! The $15 fee is per baby, including all adults in your babies life: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Nanny...all are welcome to come with no additional fee. You can also purchase Class Passes: 4 Classes for $50 (expires in 2 months) or 8 Classes for $80 (expires in 4 months). Cash or check payments (can be made out to Laura Greer). ••••••••••••••••••••• The instructor Laura Greer has specialized in applying the communication tools that American Sign Language brings to hearing households since 2002. Her program has been a highlight for many preschools, homecare and parent/baby & toddler classes throughout Encinitas. She has been a feature speaker for CAEYC, staff instructor for Early Head Start, attended the Palomar College ASL program, and has a Specialty Certification in Infant and Toddler Development and a Master Teacher Permit.

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Join us for Musical Sing & Sign! Through music and activities we incorporate American Sign Language to engage all of the communication senses. This fun interaction will develop your babies conceptual skills, socializing skills and self esteem while we all laugh and learn! Parent and Caregiver participation required.

Who: 6 months-18 month old babies with parents or caregivers.

Many 3 months olds start also, we look for capturing their eye contact, do not expect them to sign back to you. You get to become more comfortable doing the signs and your baby starts learning right away, they just don't show you until they want to. My drop-In classes are best for babies to early walkers due to that location.

Older than 18 months old is also welcome, I've had many 2 yr olds and even 3 yr olds enjoy class, bring them and test the environment to see if it works for you all!

When: Drop-in classes are usually Mondays and Tuesdays 11:30-12:15, Fridays 9:00-9:45 in Encinitas. See calendar for specific upcoming dates & location. Private group or family classes can also be scheduled.


$15 for Drop-In classes, per family--this includes all siblings, Grandparents, Aunts..the whole village! Class passes are also available: $50 for 4 classes(expires in 2 months) and $80 for 8 classes(expires in 4 months)

Private Family workshops/lessons can be individually arranged for those with full time working schedules, cost is decided per situation and your location. Approx $50 for a 1-1.5 hour with me at your home with your whole family/village. We do songs and activities with more verbal info and discussion to be sure you get whats most relevant for your family.

Private Groups (playgroups/neighborhood crews) require a 10 family guarantee ($10ea), or $100, and can be at the location of your choice or held in my location. These are SO much fun, gather your wider village!

Where: All classes are in the Encinitas area, close to El Camino Real and Mountain Vista or Encinitas Blvd. See calendar for exact address or text me, Laura, at 760-585-8551.

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