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Calling all Muslim cycling and fitness enthusiasts! We are a group of Muslim cyclists who go cycling together every now and then spending a good part of a day trekking the great outdoors in a halal Muslim friendly setting. This is a sub group of the 'Muslim Camping & Outdoor Adventures' - feel free to check that out.

Join us whether you're a novice cyclist, someone who wants to get fit or if you just want to enjoy the great outdoors.

We've already done lots of trips like these:

- 50 km up and down London canal banks
- 10 km tour around the London Olympic Village
- 30 km tour of London Greenwich and the surrounding areas

All you need to join our group is a bike you're comfortable cycling (hybrid, mountain, road, touring bike etc) and a helmet.

All trips are free to attend except the overnight trips which will require some prep work.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the people who are in the group, the type of cycling gears you should buy or anything else.

Please note: This is a non-profit initiative. We may, however, charge a small fee to cover event costs.

Hiring Bikes: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/santander-... (https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/santander-cycles/what-you-pay)

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mountain biking in alps switzerland/france
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salam, i read the below article and am going to research more about single track cycling in alps/switzerland holiday in august: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/jun/18/top-10-mountain-bike-rides-alps-france-italy-switzerland potential stopovers in switzerland include: saint-luc, Crans-Montana, Zermatt, Verbier (i've already been to one of the destinations as part of a bigger trip 2 years ago in the above link; Le Tour, Chamonix, France, which was amazing) you will require a full suspension mountain bike as there will be a strong possibility of also adding bike parks (i am beginner, green/blue slopes involve no steep downhill and no flying in the air over jumps) as stopovers as well as doing the above cross country. ALL VENUES CROSS COUNTRY OR BIKEPARK WILL INVOLVE TAKING BIKE UP WITH SKI LIFT i.e. you won’t need to cycle up the mountain, only down(!) the idea would be: * drive over starting on a saturday 9am, 10-11 hours driving to switzerland including ferry to calais * sleep in tent in campsite (prob everyone buys their own tent/mat/sleeping bag - cost will be around £5-10 each per night for campsite including showers) OR find cheap accommodation where we can potentially share costs (airbnb ranges from £25-40 total/£8-15 each a night on the cheap side) * once finished one venue drive to the next venue in the evening and sleep there, try to keep driving in the evening 2-3 hours max, probably stay 2 days max one venue after planning what runs we will do * total holiday around 7 days, i.e. 5 days off work, come back calais-dover ferry sunday * this is a biking holiday engaging with the mountain areas not sightseeing/tourist attractions, important to note this upfront (not during the trip..) an ESTIMATE for costs would be: Petrol £400 ferry £150 (advance booking, probably £200 shorter notice?) France Road tolls £80 (haven’t yet checked swiss tolls) sleep £80 each (8 nights) bike park/ski lift per day £15 on average (varies per mountain), 7 days £105 hire car bike rack £40 each Total above £435 (i would budget £500) each which is CHEAP deal for such a holiday (2x confirmed travellers would be required to pay in advance the shared petrol, ferry, road tolls for me to make booking, non-refundable unless travel is cancelled) If you are interested, please confirm which range of dates suit you in august then we can finalise the trip once a date has been set and you are confirmed (if there's more than 2 RSVP then i will have to think of next step, might mean someone else bringing a car and getting a roof rack/bike rack etc)

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