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Asalamu alaikum to everyone that has taken a moment to check this Meetup out!

This is a Meetup seeking aspiring digital entrepreneurs.. particularly for Muslims that are skilled in Website/App Design, UI/UX, E-Commerce, Front End and Back End, Marketing and possibly being part of a future Startup that will potentially be very successful.

There will be a need for Project Management as well as legal advisors.. even people that could be useful in PR and helping to raise venture capital. There will be a very real possibility of getting involved and becoming a co founder..

I am looking for interested, eager and capable partners in this.. who are committed to the project.. who will turn thought into action.

The details and selection process will be explained to selected participants for the project. However, I wish for this to be a forum to meet other Muslims who are like me, interested in continual growth and better lives through creative entrepreneurial pursuits.

It is my prayer that if the project that I'm promoting is successful, that whomever is part of this will also help others in their pursuits!

I have a niyah that part of the profits from this venture will be to host Startup Incubators and Tech Schools throughout the Muslim world.. especially in up and coming economies.. and wherever talent and people of vision can be found.

With that said..

Even those that participate in this meetup but aren't selected for this particular project.. that inshallah, other projects can be pitched in our meeting and put together!

Maybe we will collectively have a group that will have several projects that we can all work on?

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Muslim Digital Entrepreneurs

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