Canceled Meetup

Mays Peak


* If this is your first hike/event with our group for 2013, please bring the $5 dues with you. It will be collected before the event starts.*

This short North Cheyenne Canyon hike to a summit with broad views of the city is a nice, and often overlooked, alternative to more popular hikes in the canyon such as Mount Cutler.

To get there: From downtown Colorado Springs, take Tejon Street south under Interstate 25, then turn west on Cheyenne Boulevard. Enter North Cheyenne Canyon Park (you're on North Cheyenne Canyon Road now) and follow the road to a dirt parking lot where High Drive converges with Cheyenne Canyon and Gold Camp roads.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate, 3.2 miles, 720 feet elevation gain

The hike: This hike begins by climbing High Drive, a century old carriage road now open part of the year to one-way car traffic. High Drive starts at a gate on the east side of the parking lot. Climb slowly for just over a mile as the grade snakes to the north. At a pass, several trails converge. To the west is Upper Captain Jacks. To the northeast is Lower Captain Jacks. Look for an unmarked trail running east from the southeast corner of the small parking area on the pass. This is the way to Mays Peak. At first, it appears to be a social trail that doesn't appear on official maps, but the carefully laid out, gentle grade shows it was deliberately designed. Follow the clear trail as it corkscrews counterclockwise to the north side of the summit. At the top the trees part, leaving a broad, grassy vista framed by ponderosa pines. Few summits in the area combine such easy access with such solitude. Return the way you came. DO NOT shortcut down the south side; it encourages erosion on the delicate peak.

Let's meet in the parking lot. I'll have Kacey (red harness/leash). Call/text me if you are lost, have questions, or need to cancel last minute: 440-537-8922, Sandy