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We take you deep into different cultures, exploring their rituals and traditions, extracting wisdoms and lessons that can be applied to modern life.

Where the world seems increasingly obsessed with diversity and what makes us all different, we are much more fascinated with what we all share in common. What are those threads that tie us all together, that makes us fundamentally human? These answers are not found in books, nor on the Internet – but only through your lived experience.

In bridging the gap between knowledge and wisdom, between knowing and understanding. In seeing the world as it really is; and facing up to some fundamental truths, those things that have remained unchanged across cultures and across time.

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Sushi Burrito Meet Up at Enso (Dubai)

Ensō Eatery - Sushi Burrito & Poke Bar

Desert Camp: Reflections On Human Connection

Mleiha Archeological Centre

The Balanced Life Retreat - 2019 Edition

Honai Resort

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