Healing Circle Intuitive Readings -- Practice & Play

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Every 2nd Saturday of the month

Price: $12.00 /per person

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Would it help you to have a place to practice & improve your Intuitive abilities? A safe place where you can get feedback, validation and support? Then please join us as we practice our skills doing readings. Each meeting we will primarily focus on a type of reading (i.e. psychometry, channeling/mediumship, Intuitive messages, Oracle cards). Suggested mode will be listed in the Comments section. If there is something (object or photo) you particularly want to have read, please feel free to bring it or if you want messages about yourself...then just bring your shining self! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Daria

No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join in and practice reading and being read. The purpose of this Meetup is to support each other as we develop and strengthen our skills.

Our general format is that the group takes a few minutes to silently read one person/photo at a time. We then share whatever intuitive impressions we have received with the participant who brought the photo. The person who is read, then kindly provides feedback (validation) about the information they've received. It's very supportive for all, and is a fun way to practice developing new skills or expanding ones you are already using.

We ask for uplifting spiritual guidance and healing using many Intuitive skills & senses, including but not limited to: Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound), Clairsentience (empathy/emotions), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairtangency (touch/physical sensation), Clairalience (scents/smell), and Clairgustance (taste). Other resources such as oracle cards, pendulums, and Angel guides are often used to help Spirit to really get clear messages to participants. :)

The Healing Circle is a very uplifting experience. Please come, stay awhile; share a moment of your journey with like-minded friends.