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"This group is for those who are seeking a new path, searching for alternative ways of healing. Maybe you are dealing with a medical problem, mental health issue or addiction and looking for a different way to better health. We will be learning about the brain, mind, body and heart connection. Experts will be featured speakers, in the fields of nutrition, psychiatry, addictions, anti-aging, P.T.S.D., neuroscience, cardiology, internal medicine, hypnotherapy, epigenetics, and quantum physics. We hope to generate excitement by exploring new methods of treatments, the art of natural healing, utilizing both conventional medicine and alternative forms of healing and finding the root cause of disease.
We want to change the way you think about your health and wellbeing. At each Meetup we will feature an expert who will be discussing the traditional science with the new, discovering the possibility behind self-healing and evolving consciousness."

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