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Are you upset about training methods that dont work for your dog? Do you feel that Alpha is not what dogs need and its based on a misconception of how wolfs lead their pack?
Do you think that obedience alone is not enough to make a dog happy but implementing a balanced relationship should be of a whole dog training concept?

Then you are at the right MeetUp Group...Only here you will
learn everything you need to know to reach your dog's full potential. Become your dogs best holistic Pet-Parent. Force free.

Disclaimer: Every pet owner is responsible for his and his dogs actions.
Do not assume another dog handler can handle his dog. Do not assume that a strange dog is friendly.
Do not approach a strange dog without his owners approval. Do not reach out to the dog. Let the dog sniff you first and wait for the dog feedback before you reach out.
Do not pet your dog on the head.

About me:

Hi I'm Roman Gottfried, CPDT ( certified Pet Dog Trainer) and Founder of Holistic Dog Training and owner Roman's Holistic dog training Training, LLC. My experience with rescue dogs and dogs with PTSD goes back 20 years... been a Foster home, Foster trainer, boarding and training, and training at clients home for the last 7 years full time.

How did i got in to Holistic Training
When i moved to the states in 2007 was shocked how trainers treat their clients and how they teach them what to do with their dogs...when is tarted my business in Greenwich CT working as a full time Dog professional I realized how disconnected owners and Dog trainers are from the Dog's emotions. So i decided to make a change and introduce Holistic Dog Training by teaching owners to become their dog's best trainers by implementing Communication, Emotions, Trust and Structure in to their human dog relationship rather than only the misleading "Alpha-mentality", "Pack Leader" or "calm and assertive energy" presented by TV celebrities.

I want to share with you how Holistic Dog Training can change your dog's life, how it works, why emotional intelligence, reiki energy, T-touch, acupressure, acupuncture, herbal treatment Crystals, healthy nutrition breed specific exercise gets your relationship with your dog into a new dimension.....without spending a fortune.

Join the Holistic idea
We meet weekly on Sat or Tue morning in different locations usually near "healthy" pet stores or Parks.
Looking forward to meet you in person.
Don't forget to bring 1gal of water /dog, for safety reasons only one dog per handler.

Romans Gottfried

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