Employment & Lifelong Learning


Give the new year a flying start!

Meet the companies accelerating job market change.

Introduction MyData & Jobtech - Jonas Södergren, Jobtech [masked])
MyData Accelerator Concept - Terhi Marttila, The Finnish State Development Company Vake [masked])
15 minute presentation MyData Recruitment Process - Vastuu Group [masked])
10 minute presentation - Patrik Andersson / diplomas for an EU service MyData Sweden [masked])
10 minute discussion [masked])
20 minute Fika [masked])
15 minute presentation by Headai & Tampere University [masked])
10 minute discussion [masked])
10 minute wrap up [masked])

Other initiatives and organisations that are likely to be at the event.

Barona Construction https://barona.fi/en/business/construction/
University of Tampere https://www.tuni.fi/en
Jobtech (Sweden) https://www.jobtechdev.se/
Kuntarekry https://www.kuntarekry.fi/en/
Headai https://www.headai.com/

What is the outlook for job market change 2020 and 2025?