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The Alliance is a contemporary sex-positive, pagan agnostic religion. It's goal is to help people shed the restrictive mentality of the old religions, to free sexuality from cultural and religious repression, to exalt the Feminine, and to make life on this planet a fun and rewarding experience. We live by two axioms:

"Nothing is true and everything is permitted" (apocryphal saying of ), and

"nignam nu kal zi kukudam," (roughly translated as: "Nothing is more precious than a sweet life," an ancient Sumerian proverb).

This meetup is not here to promote the Alliance by filling your heads with theological biases in the attempt to find paying customers. Following the above principle that "nothing is true," this meetup is to promote free,unbiased discussions of theologies and religions, free from the stress of worrying about "Truth." Freed from those shackles, we see that most religions contain fascinating ideas that will be fun to investigate.

So I would suggest that those who are interested in religions, philosophy, theology, the occult, mysticism, magic(k), history of religions, metaphysics, spirituality, death, life, paganism, Goddesses, and so forth, should join and come to our meetup events. Just make sure you are open-minded and chill, because we are not going to waste time with dogma or rants about sin, salvation and the stern Father Religions.

I'm interested in living a "sweet life," come to the meetup events and we can investigate what that means together, in a chill, calm environment. I look forward to meeting you all at the next meetup!

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