What we're about

Welcome to the HECC, the most exclusive Meetup Group in Hyderabad.

The purpose of this group is to meet and network with new people in Hyderabad on the excuse of Coffee. Whether you're a Coffee Connoisseur, or simply savor your daily cup, enjoy it with friends. Laugh, have fun and relax.

Keywords: coffee, fun, laugh, talk, business, social, interaction, energizing, networking, motivation


There is no specific time for Coffee.. Right?
So we plan Coffee Meet on all timings be it weekdays, weekends, holidays, office hours, after office hours. However, we prefer to have it on Weekends, and Holidays, so that we can have maximum participation


Coffee Outlets, eating junction or any other get together place throughout Hyderabad.


This group follows high standards of membership. We have received more than 4000 applications till date, and have 200+ members. If you are interesting to talk to and are well networked, we encourage you to apply.

Membership Fees is Rs. 1500/- Annually.
50% discount for Women
25% Discount on Renew of Existing HECC Members
25% Discount if you are referred by existing HECC paid member.


Please note that the group follows a strict no-show policy (missing the event after booking/RSVP/confirmation a slot for it).

3 no-shows for unpaid events
1 no-show for paid events
3 Months of Inactiveness (i.e. doesn't RSVP or turnup for any Meet)

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