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-~Mount Everest Reverse Hike~-

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We will all meet at my place for the 15 minute ride by helicopter to LAX. From LAX we will take the 3 hour flight on the Concord Jet to Nepal. Once in Nepal another helicopter will drop us on the very top of Mount Everest. We will break for milk and cookies and then its 5.5 miles down the mountain to our destination. Children can easily do this hike. Along the way we will encounter crazy people climbing “up” the mountain. They will yell at us and call us names but dont worry. In the end you can actually say you “hiked” Mount Everest. Just because we are hiking down instead of up doesn't mean a thing. But if you dont make it down its your own fault. It's very cold and windy, and most people die, but its still good fun.


Get to my place. If you don't know where that is, then you already failed. I will give you a Darwin Award when I get back.

What To Bring

Water – Snacks – Camera – Oxygen Tank – The Bible – A Death Wish