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Healed Identity Journey - "Getting to Know the Invisible You!" Freedom in Christ
• What we'll do Understanding successful emotional healing will have a profound effect in relationships and personal well-being for both men and women and a must for healthy parenting. Join us for our weekly study of the Creator's genius as we explore and learn how human functions of emotional and psychological preservation keep us from experiencing the wonders of freedom we have in Christ. Learn skills to understanding relationship dynamics and increase discernment in recognizing and effectively dealing with emotional triggers that affect our well-being and prompt behaviors that work against a healthy relationship with our friends, family, and most importantly, God. This class will explore the dynamics of emotional and intellectual physiology; why we feel and think the way we do, and offer scientific and biblical solutions to "mythunderstandings," crisis and trauma, as well as factors contributing to conflicts in relationships with God and each other. “Therapy” means treatment intended to relieve or heal an aspect of our thinking that is out of order; not in conformity with the intended design; and “Theo” identifies the manner of therapy as prompted by the Father’s revealed purpose in our design and the experience of His care, concern and comfort therein – “God heals!” With that understanding as the foundation, we start doing the work of looking at our present through our past and to look at the experiences that have wounded and shaped us. Once we can start to identify some of these and the coping mechanisms that have developed in response to them, we can learn to change our mindsets and begin to accept God's unconditional love and pleasure in us. It starts the work of being able to differentiate between "knowing" you are loved, and "believing” you are loved. Victory is possible. ​The Healed Identity Journey is a 22-week course developed out of years of study by Mark West in education and counseling. It has offered tremendous success in helping people be delivered from patterns of thought and ensuing behaviors that encouraged a life of bondage and captivity. We long to live fruitful lives and try and pray endlessly for victorious living promised in the Scriptures and wonder why in some areas we are so incapacitated. True discipleship takes courage to understand, confront, and eliminate that which keeps us from walking in alignment with Him. ​Healed Identity Journey offers a safe place to come to your own understanding at your own pace and to deal with issues of life that disturb your soul with support and comfort and compassion. Learn how to develop solid and lasting relationships with ourselves, others, and our Creator. The first three weeks are open to anyone, both members and guests. Beyond that, only those registered can attend as the course is progressive in nature and we want to be sensitive to the participants and their own contributions to the healing of all. The cost, if you decide to go through the program, is only $25.00 paid to the facilitator and includes the workbook and handouts. Mercy and Grace to All! We will advertise when the program is available, normally once per year beginning in January. • What to bring A notebook, a pen, and a heart of expectation to discover the wonder of yourself: how amazingly intricately and magnificently you are created; the multitude of blessings the Father wishes to bestow upon His children; and how to appropriate those freely in the absence of shame, guilt, judgment or condemnation. Victory over life challenges is available! • Important to know This class will open doors of understanding into human thought process, behavioral analysis, emotional operating systems, and the biblical framework to adjust and correct those well, in order to avoid personal and interpersonal conflicts in the future. Romans 8:18 reads, "If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men." "All" men, would include ourselves. Please consider this important class. Hallelu Yah!


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Welcome to Nashville Metro Bold Bible Believers!

Thank you for your interest in the Nashville Metro Bold Bible Believers Meetup. We are glad you are here.

Our members are motivated by a great love for the Creator of the Universe. (Deuteronomy 6:5, Luke 10:27) This love and its experience in their lives prompts them to seek Him even more so. (Jeremiah 29:13, Isaiah 55:6) They believe that the Bible, the Scriptures, are the literal Word of the Creator and reveal His character, personality, and desire for relationship with His people, while sharing His instructions for their healthy and pleasant relationship with each other. (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 119:160, II Timothy 3:16-17)

As such, they place a great value on studying and learning the Word of the King of the Universe, that they might come into greater intimacy in relationship with Him and greater peace and joy in relationship with their fellow man, both believers and non-believers alike. (Deuteronomy 31:12, 2 Timothy 2:15)

They love God.
They love His Word.
They love His people.

They want to know God better.
They want to know His Word better.
They want to hang out with His people - those with like heart and mind and soul.

Let's look at the Scriptures for what they say, plain and simple; enjoy some healthy and happy fellowship; and build a community of love, laughter and life.

"There are only two things that last forever, God's Word and people." Jim Elliot To live your life for anything else, would be to short-change the value of your life.

"For all God's good will toward us, He is unable to grant us our heart's desires until our heart's desires have been reduced to one." A. W. Tozer

Charles Spurgeon was said to be asked once, "How does one defend God's Word?" His reply was, "Simple. God's Word is like a lion. I simply let it out of its cage." Let us open that gate wide!

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