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​Howdy Mysterios!

Do mysteries surrounding ancient civilizations intrigue you? Seven continents to explore! So many civilizations to learn.

If you're not familiar with Archaeology or Anthropology that is definitely okay. This Meetup is for all that want to learn more about the civilizations that existed long before current modern civilizations. We will look at the architecture, societal structure, hieroglyph interpretation and meanings, drawings on cave walls, images left on hills...

Professors and researchers will also be invited to speak about their own experiences or archaeological research.

Locations up for discussion span across the globe, places such as Gunung Padang, Gobekli Tepe, ancient Egypt, Mayan cities, mound builders, Angkor Wat, Nazca, Pueblo, etc. So many new archaeological finds! Documentaries or YouTube videos about ancient civilizations or megalithic structures are also a great way to explore.

Our planet has seven continents just waiting for us to explore! If you have always wanted to learn about all those mysterious ancient civilizations or have been looking for a group to learn and discuss those topics, you've found your people!

Looking forward to learning from each other and having some amazing discussions.

See you at a Meetup!

Lisa S.

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