What we're about

This is a group focused on the teachings of Jesus, as they inspire us to live in love, joy, freedom, courage, integrity and service to our fellow beings and the planet. We are centered in the direct experience of the mystic Christ, drawing primarily from the four gospels and the Gnostic gospels, but we are also inspired and informed by multiple other teachings of the perennial, mystic wisdom - Jewish, Sufi, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu and Native/Shamanic. Our theology celebrates and welcomes all orientations, is life and body positive, is not focused on sin, embraces all that is life-giving, healing, cooperative, reconciling and redemptive. We are interested in spiritual awakening as the transformation and integration of our basic identity as incarnations of the eternal Light. Through discussion, deep silence and stillness, chant, reflection and ritual, we seek personal, psychological, social and spiritual transformation and healing.

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