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Metaphysical Hypnotherapy - Spirit Speak with Hypnosis
• What we'll do -- Spirit Speak with Hypnosis :: Join Michele Andres of for an experiential journey into the Spirit World via a self-hypnotic trance. Your Spirit Team is excited to speak with you. Self Hypnosis is a phenomenal tool to reach out to the unseen. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how, even with no previous trance experience, anyone can receive and interpret messages from their dearly departed, spirit guides, and guardian angels - all within the divine protection of pure white light and love. •This Spirit Speak with Hypnosis workshop will teach you . . . ✧ How to intentionally enter a light hypnotic trance state. ✧ Self-Hypnosis has the highest success rate for transformation. ✧ Other breakthrough uses for metaphysical hypnotherapy. ✧ Your subconscious mind is an easy-to-open window to other realms. ✧ The phenomenal experience of communicating with Spirit. • Participate in Spirit Speaking with Hypnosis: ✧ Practice with an experienced instructor. ✧ Expertly guided Spirit Speaking Sessions. ✧ All within a safe environment of Love, Light, and Laughter. • Registration :: Costs: $33 at the door or $25 prepaid via ________________________________ Michele Andres is a professional mystic, teacher, and tarot reader at offering intuitive tarot sessions which include a Prediction plus a Plan, as well as an ever evolving array of mystical services. Devoted to helping people realize their own Divine Superpowers, Michele teaches Supernatural Sign Language and hosts Extra Mystical Activities on Facebook. Michele is the author of: ✧ Tarot Compass (an intentionally intuitive life planning system) ✧ Epiphanies Tarot (a divination deck designed to intensify your intuition)

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