What we're about

How can we reconcile the most profound ancient wisdom with the most up to date science? How do we find the space and time to integrate our thoughts, feelings, emotions and higher self, in the West?

At our conferences you will have the opportunity to think, talk, reflect, meditate, move, walk, swim and explore the beautiful gardens.

People come back to our conferences including Mystics and Scientists year after year because they find them inspirational, life changing, transformative, fulfilling, friendly and fun!

Our conferences normally bring together the most knowledgeable and inspirational voices from East and West - often including those of our participants.

There is a strong recognition in spiritual traditions that there is a special quality in being in the presence of the guru to experience the living 'breath' of their spoken and unspoken wisdom and insight. Quantum theory recognises in quantum entanglement that bringing particles together means they are affected and change each other forever even when apart… Our conferences facilitate and amplify this at a human level by bringing those rooted in both mystical as well as academic and scientific heritages together.

Many of our participants are experts in their fields, in science, medicine, theology, psychology, personal development, yoga, tai chi, Eastern and Western mysticism. But many are also searching and learning on their road to self awareness, authenticity, healing and fulfilment in their professional and personal lives.

The values or the SMN community are inherently mindful - so people find this a 'safe space' to explore a universe of ideas that are pushing the boundaries of conventional science and medicine.

We make time around talking, to reflect, meditate, move, explore the beautiful gardens.

If you are a musician or singer we often get together at the end of the day to improvise.

We very much look forward to your participation in what promises to be a memorable weekend

What people say about our events:

A wonderful, stimulating, thought provoking and warm-hearted weekend. Non-stop delightful discovery and endless conversation.

I value the people and connections as much as the subject and speakers.

My second event. It gets better and better. I feel isolated in London. Here I get a sense of ‘group’. Fabulous talks.

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