Curse Of Straud @ Titan Smyrna: Regular (Open)(Richard)

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Titan Games & Comics

2512 Cobb Parkway · Smyrna, GA

How to find us

Large table near the back. It is reserved for us.

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If you missed the last one, no worries! Come on out if you can.

Players are currently level two.

Last time the group fought their way through a labyrinth of monsters and traps. Their journey took them deep into the catacombs until finnaly they found it! The source of evil in the house. But can they slay it? And what of the force that brought them here in the first place? Will they over come the shambling mound, or are they doomed to a dark fate?

(Also, this game is replacing the one we were supposed to do on the 13th. Sorry for the mix up.)


What you need:

Dice *Sharing is caring*

Players Handbook (5e)

There will be a DM available to help with creation if you get confused. Please note we will only be using the players hand book for source material. If you are new and don't have one, the DM will be happy to let you see his.