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Integrated World Religions and Mysticism

This Meetup is past


In a fresh, many-faceted look at world religion, representatives from the Verity congregation show the common threads that appear in religion and myth throughout history. This is the basis of what Verity practices, and the teachers of the class would like to share the exciting similarities between faiths all over the world. This seven-week course starts with an introduction and each following week covers a universal godhead archetype. We ask a $5 or more love gift for these classes.


We are a non-creedal church. Like every other UU church, we do not require specific beliefs to participate in our community. While we do our services in a Pagan format, you are welcome here regardless of your religious convictions and practices.

Further, we are a Welcoming Congregation. These means you can participate fully here in our community no matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity.

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