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Please mark your calendars and tell your friends and family. It'll do all of us good to see your smiling faces. Oh, yah... bring your wallets, too, because it is, after all, also a fund raiser.

So, this Sunday, please bring your smiles, your dollars, and tell your friends and family to come, too... the more folks we meet, the more 50 cent tickets we sell, the stronger we become.


Food for sale: HoHos, DingDongs, Nutter Butters... you get the idea, all for the low low price of 1 ticket each! Oh! Anyone for an RC Cola? Where's the chocolate?

Games: Ring Around the Wine-O, Red Neck Pagan Therapy, Apple Grapple, Tag 'Em, and Thor's Kithing Booth. Also up for the fun of it: the Reveneuer's stocks! Jail your Mom, keep a kid or two stationary for a few minutes, again for the low low price of a couple of tickets.

Entertainment: Thanks to providence, and perhaps a moment's poor decision making, the Professor is playing for us again. We've also got a bona-fide garage band lined up for our amusement, though we may end up with just the lead guitarist, if he passes his driving test this week.. We haven't caught the belly dancers yet, but hey, loan us a net and it could happen.

Vendors: Hmmmm... two artists selling jewelry and this, that and the other (glass, knitting -?- heck, pretty stuff), Witchy Shop stuffs from Lois' store in Vikon Village, Bath and Beauty stuffs, home made things... and food, did I mention food?

That evening, gather in at 7pm, attend our full moon Samhein Circle, graciously led by the Sacred Moon Circle. After a days' exhausting and hilarious play, enjoy a sweet and heartfelt honoring of our ancestors.


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