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Hello everyone!

On Sept. 18 I will be holding Session 0 for a new campaign. Well, it's not new to me. I've been wanting to run this campaign for a few years, but haven't had one key element: living in one spot long enough to run it. Things have changed, so here I am, seeking 3 players for a (hopefully) fun romp through a custom world.

Game will be held every other Tuesday night starting with session 0 on the 18th. If you cannot make a firm commitment to every game session, please don't ask to come. I'm willing to work with players to accommodate the occasional necessary absence, but constant flakes will be asked to leave and a replacement found.

I run a fairly role play heavy game, with only one or two combats per session (usually). While this is a campaign with lots of plot points designed and hidden by me (the GM), I try to run a fairly sandbox feel game, providing subtle hints and clues instead of telling you where to go (ok, maybe I'm not always subtle, but if you choose to go another direction I *probably* won't kill your character for it).

Please contact me if you have any interest in joining this game. I am working on putting together a prospective player packet which I will send to all interested players when it's complete.

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