MCMH Classic Dungeons & Dragons

Every 2 weeks on Friday

Cheshire Hall

2005 Jones Ave · Nashville, TN

How to find us

Look for the blue house with the TN Flag

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Table is: CURRENTLY FULL (we have guest openings periodically; watch this space for one to open up)

Classic D&D, the way it was played at the dawn of the 1980s! 3d6 down the line, pit yourselves against the dungeon, with creative thinking and careful planning rewarded with gold and glory. This is very different than modern roleplaying: the table works together as a team of players in collaboration, and you aren't limited to just what is on your sheet -- propose any epic plan of action, and you can do it... if you can roll well enough. And if you can't, well, it's easy to roll up a new character.

We use B/X with a sprinkle of AD&D and modern OSR publications that have expanded and added a new depth to classic play. And yes, that photo is of our table.

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