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Oppose the USDA's Pro-GMO Propaganda
On May 3, the USDA unveiled its long-awaited proposed GMO disclosure rule, which aims to provide food companies with guidance about how to label products made with genetically modified ingredients. To the surprise of many, the new 106-page proposed regulation effectively does away with the instantly recognizable nomenclature of “GMO” and “genetically modified,” and instead instructs companies to use a term that most consumers probably aren’t familiar with: “bioengineered.” This despite that facts that thousands of products lining grocery store shelves are currently labeled as “non-GMO,” and that GMO itself has become a household term. For an Orwellian twist, the proposed “Bioengineered”—or “BE”—USDA labels feature a brightly shining sun. “It’s almost a little smiley face,” George Kimbrell, legal director for the Center for Food Safety, told Sierra. “We would support a little circle that said ‘GE’ or ‘GMO’—something neutral that’s not pro-biotech propaganda.” To comment through the Sierra Club: To comment directly to USDA: More information:

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