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• What we'll do
Join us for an evening of appetizers, drinks, and talks about security!

• Talks

Speaker: Frank Gifford, Senior Consultant - NCC Group

Title: “Root on Netscaler in two steps (CVE[masked])”

A client wanted us to examine the Netscaler load balancer with an eye towards what a malicious insider could do. Our efforts led to a zero-day discovery of a nasty authentication bypass where an attacker who can reach the management port can trivially become the root user. This was rapidly fixed by Citrix after it was reported. Now that enough time has gone by, it’s time to share how a complex binary can be examined and a pitbull-like mentality can locate several significant flaws.


Speaker: Jasiel Spelman (Wandering Glitch), Exploit Developer ZDI

Title: Breaking Safari JIT

Apple Safari has a JavaScript engine with a rather simple name, JavaScriptCore, however the engine itself is anything but simple. One common feature within JavaScript interpreters is to have a just-in-time (JIT) engine to increase performance of the executed JavaScript. JavaScriptCore takes an interesting approach to this by supporting multiple tiers of optimization levels, even allowing for switching between them within a single function depending on collected statistics.

As with other JIT engines, the optimization strategies employed by Safari's JIT engine have also resulted in a number of vulnerabilities. The downside to applying typical compiler optimizations in order to JIT compile custom user-supplied code is that basic assumptions can be broken.

This talk will cover low level internals of JavaScriptCore before going over a few JIT vulnerabilities as well as how they were patched.


Speaker: Andrew Taylor (Large Oil & Gas Company), Supervisor of Vulnerability Testing - Cyber Security Organization

Title: Developing an In-House “Red Team”

A sufficiently mature information security organization may consider developing an in-house “red team” to augment the work done by other parts of the security program. Implementing and growing such a team faces many challenges, from hiring the highly-skilled and in-demand professionals, to getting buy-in from the business. Furthermore, once in place, measuring the efficacy of the red team and demonstrating its value to all levels of management is crucial to the team’s long-term success.

The speaker, Andrew P. Taylor, leads the Vulnerability Management Team for a large, global oil & gas company. Although his organization has had a vulnerability management program in some form for nearly a decade, it has only been in recent years that he grew his team’s capabilities to include a full-time red team. Mr. Taylor will discuss the business aspects of getting support from Executive leadership as well as the technical aspects of specific activities carried out by the team, measuring critical success factors, and reporting to the broader organization. The speaker’s goal is to convey the challenges he faced, as well as the successes of having this team in place in the hopes that the audience be better prepared to implement a red team within their own organization, or work more effectively with a third-party team.

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Yourself and any security minded people you know who would like to get involved in the Austin infosec scene!

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