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In this session Navdeep Garg , Founder, Revinfotech Blockchain team will cover the essentials you need to know about this exciting technology's promise of revolutionizing financial transactions, data security, and information integrity.

Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, the revolutionary 'virtual currency' that's changing the way people do business. While Bitcoin has enjoyed some well-deserved hype, Blockchain may be Bitcoin's most vital legacy. This session is the ideal starting place for business pros looking to gain a better understanding of what Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is and how they can work to fundamentally change their business and enhance their data security.

Topics that will be covered include:
• The History of the Blockchain
• Definition and Purposes of the Blockchain
• Basic Terms Used in Blockchain
• Blockchain Categories
• Blockchain Ecosystem
• Platforms and Companies Using Blockchain
• What the Future Holds for the Blockchain Technology
• How Blockchain Can Affect Businesses
• Cryptocurrency

About the presenter Navdeep and his team
Navdeep Garg ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/navdeepgarg/ )

A leader of blockchain ecosystem, Navdeep promotes blockchain technology. He is founder of the Revinfotech Blockchain Labs – a collaborative community of universities, government, startups, enterprise, nonprofits, and investors on a mission to advance progress and foster the development of blockchain technologies. In addition, Navdeep is CoFounder of Gexcrpyto – Development of crypto exchange and many more project
Navdeep Garg ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/navdeepgarg/ )
(Founder at Revinfotech, Token Economics, Crypto & Blockchain Evangelist)

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