Digital Leftovers

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As good, American consumers we (many of us) go through life 'getting and spending', increasing entropy willy-nilly and sending our detritus off to the land fill.

Now another source of leftovers is being recognized: our digital legacy --- what is left behind when we die and who does (or can do) something about it after we die. It is common place to recognized that indiscrete teen-age postings may follow us for years, but what about other materials: should or will they go to the bit bucket in the sky.

For more background, please see "Things to do in cyberspace when you're dead (" by Rob Walker in the NY Times magazine for 9 January 2011.

What provisions are you making for yourself and for your organization?
Corollary: Does the ability to forget provide benefits?

Mike Rulison will start this ball rolling; where it goes depends on those who come and participate.

Pizza and beverages (sponsored by Public Information Network, Inc./RTPnet and NTEN) will be served at 6:30 preceding the 7 p.m. program.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please RSVP at so we'll know how much pizza to bring.