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    Chief Operating Officer at Chi Sigma Iota Counseling Academic & Professional Honor Society
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    Consultant to Nonprofits with a focus on Leadership, Innovation and Strategy.
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    Founder of "5 Bucks is Change" - encouraging friends to gather together to do micro-giving to micro-charities. Host of the "Get Social Health" podcast and online learning program about social media and healthcare.
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    Owner of Plani Concepts, we specialize in Social Media Management, Event Planning & Fundraising, graphics (logo design, marketing materials) and websites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
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    International consultant/ Salesforce MVP/ Certified Admin / Nonprofits are my work and my passion, both here in the US and abroad. Reading, writing, cooking, yoga and singing.
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    I worked in IT at UNC-Chapel Hill for more than 30 years and retired in 1999. And I've volunteered for Public Information Network, Inc. (also known as RTPnet) since 1989.