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Warmachine Journeyman League

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to see giant robots slug it out while epic warriors clash with sword and spell? Well here is your chance to find out! We will be running a Warmachine/Hordes Journeyman League. A Journeyman League is the perfect way to get into Warmachine/Hordes. Players will collect build, and paint a small force from one of the awesome factions from either Warmachine or Hordes! This means new players can join in even if they have never played and veteran players can paint up a new battle group!

The Journeyman will run for six weeks starting from March 28th and ending on May 2nd. We will follow it up with a tournament and awards on May 11th! We will meet every Thursday night to play games and score points for playing building, and painting! The rules for this league can be downloaded from ( or here

The entry fee for this meet up is either $10.00 or a receipt for the purchase of any Privateer Press Battlebox from Gryphon Games and Comics.