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Time frame

3 Rounds – 50pts, 75pts, 100pts

· Round 1: Jan 5 – Jan 18

· Round2: Jan 19 – Feb 1

· Round 3: Feb 2 – Feb 9

Players pick one faction to play for the campaign (Rebels or Empire)

Pilot Roster

· Each player maintains a pilot roster with a number of pilot slots determined by the campaign round.

o Round 1 – 5 pilots

o Round 2 – Add 2 pilots for a total of 7

o Round 3 – Add 3 pilots for a total of 10

· At the start of each round a player may replace any or all of their current pilots with a new one.

· New pilots may be chosen to replace those killed in combat at any time and do not need to be the same type as the one killed.

· New pilots start with zero experience.

· Players are encouraged to name their pilots.

Building a List

· Players may build their force for each game with pilots from their roster at the cost of the base ship associated with that pilot.

· Upgrade cards may be purchased as normal.

Character Limits per Game

Note: These are limits to what you can field in a specific game, not what can be on your roster.

· Round 1 – no unique pilots or crew upgrades

· Round 2 – 1 unique pilot or crew upgrade

· Round 3 – any number of unique pilots or crew upgrades

Earning Pilot Experience

· 1 point for each mission flow (games played)

o For every 3 battles a pilot participates in they increase their pilot skill rating by one

· 1 point for each kill

o At 5 kills a pilot gains an elite pilot upgrade slot if they didn’t already have one

o At 10 kills a pilot gains a 2nd ship modification slot. Note: You still have to pay the points for any ship modification upgrades you take, you just have the option to take 2.

Pilot and Crew Death

· At the end of a game roll an Attack Die for each of your ships that has been destroyed. If a critical hit result is rolled then that pilot has been killed and is removed from your roster.

If the killed pilot was a unique character you may no longer select that character as a pilot or a crew upgrade for the rest of the campaign. Similarly, any unique crew aboard the ship are also killed and you may not use them as a crew or a pilot for the rest of the campaign. For example, if an Imperial Shuttle with the Darth Vader crew card upgrade is killed you may no longer take that upgrade card. In addition, you may not take Darth Vader as a pilot for the rest of the campaign. If he was on your roster, remove and replace him as normal.


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