Bodhi Meditation - Bellmore Long Island (FREE)


Come and experience how this unique meditation can help you purify your body/mind and unleash the creative power within you.

* Increase self-awareness
* Stronger emotional intelligence
* Greater mental clarity, focus and inspiration.

Bodhi Meditation Energize your body Strenthen your mind Bodhi Meditation is a form of energy healing.

Bodhi Meditation is unique in the following ways

1). It channels universal energy rather than working with what’s within one person. It transcends the genetic and physical limits of just one being by relying and drawing energy from the entire universe.

2). The entire human body is the receiver of this energy. The energy’s effects on the body do not rely on certain meridian paths or pressure points of the body, which are the common requirements for many types of the Qi Gong practices.

Students will experience two forms of Bodhi Meditation.

* Seated
* Movement

Your class instructor is Nan Ni Gilbert. Nan is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. Nan is also one of the most advanced Bodhi Meditation energy healer in North America

People, to maximize your experience, please bring the right equipment to the class. Right equipment = An open heart


Greater Illumination - Standing Meditation

Bodhi Meditation Website: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Time:. 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Day: Mondays & Wednesdays

Note: Doors are locked at 7:45pm

Cost: FREE

Where: Ni Nan Healing Art Center 2579 Merrick Road Bellmore, NY 11710

Contact: Nan, [masked]

(Also free class Wednesdays 1:30 - 3:00pm)


Student Testimonial:

"Bodhi meditation has a focus on healing energy, you can experience this at each session. Much higher level of meditation in group than I can achieve doing my own practice. I was very happy to find a meditation group that was focused on bringing together community members to practice meditation. Bodhi meditation is unique because they offer free sessions to the community. Nan is a wonderful teacher, and very compassionate person. You can sense that she has extensive experience in oriental medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and energy healing,. Thank you Nan. ” Joe, Bodhi Meditation class Wednesday October 29, 2014

"It's like looking into the eyes of Pure Love. I've been around meditation, acupuncture, and "Spiritual Healers" for over 20 years. In that time I've worked with several healers. Not until I had privilege of meeting Nan Ni did I experience a true healer. Having a session with Nan Ni or "Nan" is like looking into the eyes of Pure Love - the kind of selfless Love that you hoped was "out there", but didn't really expect to find. Nan has a profound sense of commitment to her patients and students. Her caring, genuine smile comes from deep within and warms you the moment that you meet her. Nan's healing, insightful ways never cease to amaze me and fill me with gratitude. Nan can look at you and know what you need. How many times was I shocked when, without my uttering a word, did she know exactly was what troubling me. I wish I were eloquent enough to express my sincere appreciation for the gift of meeting and working with Nan. Nan's answer to that would be to greet each and every person I meet with an open and loving heart. It is my hope that if you are searching for a healer and/or a meditation practice and come across these words, that you will know that you've found what you've been searching for. Thank you, Lynn" Bodhi Meditation Class Saturday March 14, 2014 “ Very strong healing energy tonight. I got there feeling very tired. I had stomach pain all day, and during the first meditation of the evening it got a lot better. By the end I wasn't thinking about it at all. I left full of energy. ” Pam, Bodhi Meditation class November 22, 2013

“ I didn't realize I would be reaping the benefits of Bodhi Med so quickly after attending only two classes. After my second class I felt even more relaxed. I have insomnia, but after the second session I fell asleep faster and deeper which has not happened for a long time. ” Dee, Bodhi Meditation class September 18, 2013

It was enlightening!!! Every time I practice Bodhi meditation, it feels like my Chi increases more and more! Thank you everyone for sharing this to NYC." Javoski (Bodhi Meditation class Friday September 13, 2013)

"Nan emits healing energy -- the meditation is wonderful" Linda (Bodhi Meditation class Friday September 13, 2013)

"Very calming and energizing. I did not have any negative thoughts or worries last night in bed like I always do. I felt my mind was clear. I will definitely go to another class" Dee (Bodhi Meditation class Friday September 13, 2013)

"I Walked In With Lower Back Pain, Listened, Opened My Heart And Relaxed My Mind And Walked Out Feeling Better Than I Have In Almost Two Weeks. Thank You So Much. Looking Forward To Friday's " Ed (Bodhi Meditation class Tuesday July 30, 2013)