• RBar & NDev 34: Interactive Web Apps with RShiny

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    This month we're excited to be partnering with RBar to put off a combined event! Danielle Quinn, PhD. student and co-organizer of MUN RBar, will be giving a talk on RShiny. "Shiny (http://shiny.rstudio.com/) is a package for the open source programming language and software environment R that provides users a powerful framework for building web applications without requiring knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. In this talk I'll use live coding to help you build your first Shiny app, and talk about the overall structure, app reactivity, design components, persistent data storage, and how things like Leaflet (https://leafletjs.com/) can be integrated. As an ecologist, I'll also talk about how disciplines outside of traditional computer and data science are using Shiny, and provide a demonstration of my Shiny app that incorporates biological expertise of non-coders into ongoing database cleaning efforts in government agencies." More about Danielle: Danielle is a PhD student based at the Ocean Science Center. Her research focus is the application of computational tools to the challenges of protecting poorly understood marine species. Check out RBar here: https://daniellequinn.github.io/RBarMUN/