• NDev 44 + NL Digital Marketers: Implementing Data-Driven Insights

    Genesis Coworking (Formerly Common Ground)

    Hi Folks,

    This month we are excited to be joining forces with a new group in town, NL Digital Marketers!

    We are doubly excited to have Melissa Piercey, Director of Data Operations at Celtx, to give a talk on how to drive data-driven insights about our websites and web applications.

    She'll cover:
    - Deciding on tracking tools
    - Technical implementation of tracking library and events
    - Report creation and progress monitoring
    - Advanced analysis of data in external systems

    This talk will be hosted out of Genesis Coworking (formerly Common Ground) on Harvey Road.

    Hope to see you there!

  • NDev 43: Bringing Design Culture to Software Teams

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Happy New Year everyone!

    To kick off 2020 we're having Lesley Chard, Interaction Developer @ Clockwork Fox, back to talk about how we can disperse design culture across our software teams. Her abstract is below:

    "The left and right brain personality dichotomy has been debunked, so why are we still trying to hire the “design unicorn”? This talk will cover tips on how to make your technical and non-technical software team members more involved in the design process, from requirements gathering to building wireframes. You will leave feeling empowered to make your design team more inclusive, and see how collaborative ideation and decision making can result in better designs."

    Hope to see you there!

  • The Y Combinator Experience + Dev Life

    CoLab Software

    Hey Folks!

    Hope everyone is doing well! We're excited to announce that the folks at CoLab have offered to not only put together a talk for the last meetup of the year, but are also offering to host us in their new office space! Many thanks to the CoLab folks for hosting. See their talk abstract below:


    After spending a summer in Silicon Valley at Y Combinator where companies like Reddit, Twitch, Stripe, Dropbox and Airbnb were born, the founders of CoLab will share their story and how others can take advantage of the program and incredible network/opportunities that come with it. The founders of gmail, twitch and pebble directly mentored CoLab and we are excited to share our lessons learned with the entire community in NL!

    The talk will cover:

    The Program:
    • How to get accepted
    • What happens in YC
    • Why being a developer as a founder or early employee is such an advantage at YC
    • How to get in touch with YCs network
    • How to get hired at any YC Company

    How to Ship a Product the YC Way:
    • Best Practices
    • Recommended Tooling
    • YC Famous Stories


    There you have it! We're excited to hear about CoLab's Y Combinator journey, and hope you are too. Look forward to seeing you all there!

    See you soon,
    Mike & Scott

  • NDev 41: SaaS Engineering Best Practices

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Happy Hallowe'en Everyone! 🎃👻

    This month we're excited to have Sahand Seifi, CTO at Get Coding giving us a talk on "Software as a Service Best Practices", the spookiest of talk topics! See below for the talk abstract.

    SaaS Engineering Best Practices

    In this talk, we will discuss some of the most popular best practices for SaaS product development such as Trunk Based Development, Feature Flagging, ... . We will then discuss how these practices relate to other conventional ones such as TDD, the testing pyramid and CI/CD. At the end, we'll look at the business benefits and how to convince your boss!


    Thanks to Sahand for putting this talk together, and as always, a huge thanks to Bitters for letting us hang in their space! Feel free to hang around before and/or after the talk to grab some food or drink.

    We hope to see you there!
    Mike & Scott

  • NDev 40: Selenium 2019 - Page Objects and Beyond

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Hi folks!

    This month, Mike Murphy-Burton of Celtx is going to be bringing us a much anticipated talk on end-to-end testing! His abstract is below:

    "This talk will focus on the state of End to End testing in 2019, and in particular on the Selenium framework. The talk will include a brief history of E2E testing, a discussion of the Page Object Pattern as it appears in Selenium, some observations regarding refactoring as it applies to Page Objects, and finally, a brief overview of Visual Regression Testing and other possible successors to current E2E automation frameworks."

    Students, if you're back to classes and on the fence about joining us, this would be a great time to come meet the community - while learning some imperative industry skills!

    Hope to see you there!

  • NDev 39: The Unimplemented Type - Null

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Hey Folks,

    This month we have software engineer Nathan Frenette joining us remotely to talk about null!

    "Null is considered a special value because its creators considered it special. Null has been considered a billion dollar mistake. I argue that the mistake is not null - but instead is the special treatment it gets. I see no reason to see it as special. We'll discuss the implications of assuming that null is not special."

    Hope to see you there!

  • Separate DOM from Styling using CSS Grid

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Hey Folks!

    It's that time again! We're getting together at Bitters again and will be continuing the (unintentional) theme of "the summer of front-end" at NDev! Monjur Ul Hasan has put together a talk to go over CSS Grid as another option when designing the front-end grid system of your webapps!

    Please see Monjur's talk abstract below

    The CSS grid layout or CSS grid is a two-dimensional grid system that is considered the most powerful layout system available in CSS. The CSS grid allows developers to create complex responsive web design layouts more easily and consistently across browsers. It makes the HTML cleaner and separates the visual styling from the DOM. Combining media queries with CSS grid, almost all the earlier and popular grid systems, such as bootstrap, can completely be replaced. All latest versions of web browsers support it. In the talk, the CSS grid basics will be discussed, followed by two case studies: a wireframing of a website layout, and a complete responsive photo gallery.

    As always feel free to hang around before and/or after the talk for some food, drink, and great conversation.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mike & Scott

  • Thoughts on Building a Fully Abstracted Grid System

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Hey Folks!

    It's that time again! We're getting together at Bitter's once again for another great tech talk! This time, Peter Walsh will be talking about design & the use of grid systems. I'll let his abstract speak for itself. See below!

    Thoughts on Building a Fully Abstracted Grid System

    In this talk we'll be covering my recent attempts at abstracting the implementation of a grid system to its logical conclusion. We'll start by covering the history of grid systems starting with their adoption by renaissance painters and following that line of development through history until the modern adoption of grids for web layouts. We'll then delve into what's involved in implementing such a system for the web and clue up by covering everything involved in abstracting that work.

    Key takeaways:
    - An appreciation for the long history of grid systems in all visual mediums
    - How to implement a grid system for the web
    - Tips on how to use a grid to produce consistent, reliable, pleasing, deterministic & responsive layouts for your web sites and web based applications (esp. if you're not a designer)

    As always, feel free to hang out before or after for a bite to eat, something to drink, and great conversation!

    Hope to see you there!

  • An Opinionated Guide to Cloud-Native Product Development for Startups

    Bitters Pub & Restaurant

    Hey folks! This month we'll have Ryan Green back to offer his thoughts on how startups should approach cloud-native development. Ryan was previously an engineer at AWS and is now an independent consultant helping startups and other clients make the most of AWS.

    "Cloud services give development teams an insanely powerful toolset for building products. However, for startup teams with limited resources and competing priorities, organizing products and teams around “cloud-native” architectures can be very easy to get wrong.

    Modern distributed architectures can feel like disparate systems duct-taped together in weird and wonderful ways and can be hard to learn, reason about, and operate. Oddly, oftentimes cloud providers make it difficult for their customers to follow the best-practices that they themselves enforce.

    Drawing on my experience at AWS and consulting with local startups, this talk will be full of hot-takes for small teams looking to leverage the cloud effectively under the unique constraints of a startup environment."