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Networking Events Club(NEC) is a unique platform to connect and network with leading professionals & influencers. Our networking events are designed to expand and help you build your business, Career and social network.

Sự kiên NEC là cơ hội tuyệt vời để bạn bước chân ra khỏi văn phòng, tạm quên đi việc cắm mặt vào internet, gặp gỡ mọi người để trao đổi những ý tưởng kinh doanh, tìm kiếm những mối quan hệ hợp tác và phát hiện ra những cơ hội kinh doanh thú vị cho nghề nghiệp của bạn với những người expats cũng như người địa phương.
Đừng quên mang theo danh thiếp, và tất nhiên là cả nụ cười rạng rỡ của bạn đến nữa nhé.

Together we form a strong and encouraging social and professional community. We welcome you to join our upcoming event in Saigon with your friends and colleagues

Event Guideline

We expect all our members to be active and to at least attend our events once a month.
If you RSVP for an event, please make sure to show up
· By taking part in our events, you acknowledge the right of Networking Events Club to publish any photographs or film footage taken at NEC events, on the NEC events Websites and/or on any platform permitted by NEC.
Should the user wish to refuse the same, the user must clearly express this wish to the photographer or cameraman at the event. Should the user wish to have NEC remove a photograph already published on the NEC Website, the user must contact NEC by Email: networkingevents@hotmail.com.

Past events (5)

NEC Christmas Networking Meetup

Le Méridien Saigon

NEC East Meets West Networking Event in Saigon

Le Méridien Saigon

Saigon expats and local professional Evening

Le Méridien Saigon

NEC Saigon Business and Social Networking Event

Le Méridien Saigon

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