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Welcome my dear friends, to our Life System School or How to become a Human god on earth. At Life System we feel, that in order to give our students, the full grasp of what it means to be a human god, our student needs to go through the whole human mind set development, from its inception. You, as a student, won't have to live a million lifetimes as our predecessors did. We will take you through our Human god crash course .

Our study categories include, primitive technology and survival which include the world view of cradle civilizations. This course will help you survive and thrive in any environment. The knowledge of finding food, water, making fire and shelter will allow you to conquer nature. Conquer not destroy! Learn to experience and visualize the early human perception of our magical world.

Our Systema self defense variant 30 h course (beginner, intermediate and advanced at 10 h each) will turn you in to a fearless warrior (please do not confuse with a sportsman or an athlete, there is a difference). You will then be able to conquer almost any human aggressor.

Our Stop Being Reactive and Start Winning all the time course, combined with the knowledge to conquer nature and any aggressor, this course will change your perception to be fearless and effective in your pursue of your goals, wishes. Not somebody else's suggestive programming.

Our Real world History, or as what the establishment may call pseudo-history, you decide. It will help you understand today's political and geopolitical processes and interests. This will help you avoid the mistake of being Reactive to the lies of the establishment matrix. They are focused on getting you into a fear reaction response, for their own benefit. Their common formula is Problem, Reaction, Solution. Real world History is absolutely essential to understanding the path of the primitive human to a Human god on earth to a Psychologically Enslaved, Reactive Bio-Organism.

Our Ancient Runes and ancient proto-alphabet course will help you reestablish a connection with God that has been artificially disjointed from you and you from God (We will show you how). The English alphabet has 26 letters which only make sounds and is based on a Prussian school of learning, Russian has 33 letters which only make sounds and is too based on a Prussian school of learning. Ancient Russian had 46 letters and is a transition from the Grand Tartarian language with more than 200 runes, to later become the Ancient Russian school of learning (46 letters-pictograms that told their own story), which transformed into the 33 letters which only make sounds based on a Prussian school of learning. Ancient Runes had over 200 letters-pictograms that made their own sound and told their own story, each letter at a time, that tells a story of creation itself!

I am your humble servant and you may call me Michael.

Who am I? First and foremost, I am a Human god-creator-father-son- I am a holy spirit in this garden of Eden we call Earth. An energy being with unlimited power in control of a human avatar on this earth and any other human made avatar technology. As an energy being I am a part of god or the Universe. I am like all the other gods who have preceded me. They and I are one in the same, little bits of God who is, volume, like individual cells of a person make up the whole being. I am an ancient Slavic or Celtic descendant, which when translated, means the same thing (Honoring and proclaiming their Ancestors as Gods) .

I am an American, a citizen of the USA, a Washingtonian, Russian, European, an Asian, a descendant of the Grand Tartaria.

I am a husband, father, a philosopher, historian, self defense instructor, primitive survival expert, a long range shooter, bow hunter, trapper and camouflage expert. I am a traveler, driver, tourist, explorer, I have stood 300 yards from the throat of an active volcano, descended deep under ground into caves, scuba-dived in the Pacific ocean, chased a shark into an underwater cave. Trolled for walleye in lake Erie, stood under the Niagara Falls, visited WW2 sites in Europe, lived a couple years in Siberia in a exploration town. I was born in Kharkov, in the USSR (an empire that is no more).

You can see more videos on our you tube ch @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhid7ZW7A... (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhid7ZW7ACu3s8K3bLzHQw)

or I am Michael (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOwqbZDZee42vTF3xE9I54A) youtube




Warning: the stunts on this videos were conducted by trained professionals for entertainment purposes, we do not take or hold any responsibility for other peoples actions. Your actions are your own, if you choose to mimic what you see without professional guidance and suffer injuries do to improper action, the fault leis with you. If you feel prone to such action do not watch this material.

A little sample of our exercise and What to expect


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(Beginner) Self Defense Training:levers in a human body,hand to hand

Indian Bend Wash Visitor Center

Lever, physics and geometry based Russian Systema (System) combat style variant, will make an adequate fighter out of you in 30 plus hours of our training regiment. It gives a time advantage over the traditional move base styles where it will take you years of training to achieve even half of our results.This method of training does not conflict with other self defense, it enhances that knowledge. We have training seminars in Scottsdale AZ and may come and present this unique style at your meeting if you are interested. (Please private mail me for that). Our training include: levers in a human body, tactical shooting- geometry, one vs many, no weapons , weapons, sword, knife vs bare hands,AK, AR, shovel, belt ect. For more videos visit our you tube ch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrhid7ZW7ACu3s8K3bLzHQw What to expect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrZHdhJBBF0&list=UUrhid7ZW7ACu3s8K3bLzHQw Homework for beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otz051bWwBw Homework https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o679v0uxL34

Advanced Self Defense

Indian Bend Wash Visitor Center

This is a continuation of what will be our previous meet up of the evening. In this class we will explore further into more advanced topics of self defense. Anyone is welcome but I do reccomend that one visits our first meetup before attending this one. Today topic: Ground defense.

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Advanced Self Defense

Indian Bend Wash Visitor Center

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