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Yurt Village Weekend of fun!!!!!!!!!!

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Price: $20.00 /per person
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4 Yurts have been canceled,

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This event was originally posted as a Singles event, apparently there's lack of singles out there or just shy one’s.

I now opened this up to all members to come and have a fun filled weekend, the more people we get the more excitement and delicious food we'll have.

Are you bored don’t know what to do after the Holidays, Is the rainy weather letting you down?
Then come down to the Yurt village at Kayak Point County Park and enjoy a fun weekend event.
Yurt Village is a campers delight, Rain, Snow or Sunshine the village is comprised of 10 heated Yurts, each holds 5 people with 3 bunks. This mean that the first 18 payed people will get bunks and the other 12 will have room on the floor. Simple air mattress will still make a fun weekend. Keep in Mind if an Air mattress scares you then please don't sign up for this event. This is not a Hotel weekend this is a Spontanious fun adventures weekend.Maybe If your lucky someone will let you snuggle with them. There’s two bath houses with showers and a nice covered shelter area that is set up for cooking, grilling and of course many picnic tables. even a bon fire pit a few feet from the shelter.

Here is a link for more info on the County Park and the Yurt Village.

So if your bored and don’t know what to do with the January blues, then come on down and enjoy two nights of fun camping out with new friends.
What do we have for fun at Yurt Village you might ask?
For starters this is a full County Park and all the summer event’s can easily be done in the winter time.
The best thing that I love is to get up early and walk thru the campground in the early morning sipping coffee and watching the winter birds tweeting around the trees. (Very Relaxing)
With ocean front views, fishing off the pier, boating, scuba, biking, hiking, birding, kayaking, Golf close by, beach combing, or just sipping some coco and chatting with friends.
The beach has bonfire pits so we can crank up the heat at the beach and watch the winter birds drift by.
This could just be a nice day of rest and laziness. With a group of 30+ people I’m sure we can get some fun board games going in the Yurts or under the shelter. (spin the bottle???)

Fire wood

Need people to bring good clean firewood for the fire pit at the Yurt shelter and scrap palets for a beach fire pit. Everyone contribut a little unless someone can bring allot.

Yurt Info:
5 people per heated Yurt
6 Yurts have been pre-paid, more can be rented if needed.
3 Yurts for Women
3 Yurts for Men
No Kids
No Animals
No Smoking
No Drinking in County Parks (Hide Them)
Respect Yurts these are clean and well maintained so let’s leave them as we found them.

Parking Info:
1 parking spot for per Yurt, which means we can only have 6 cars for 6 Yurts.
This is not really logical, however 30 auto’s isn’t really logical in a small parking area.
Carpooling will be in high demand here.
The Park will charge each Auto $10. Per night of camping.
I have stayed here before and they didn’t enforce the parking issue however we did had about 15 auto’s.
I’ll confirm the info with the park soon.
Please if you know someone in the group try to carpool with them.
This will reduce a costly stress.

Shelter Info:
Large area plenty of room for everyone.
Blocked from the wind by tree’s and Yurt’s
Sink and Electric outlets for heating crock pots.
Lighted area, many tables for games and food.
Everyone that can please bring firewood (logs only) no pallets

Check In Check Out:
Two night stay for each bunk
$20. Will hold your bunk for two nights, If you leave after the first night you’re not being refunded the $10.
3pm on Friday Jan 18th is our check in time (arrive when you can) check out time is 12pm on Sunday Jan 20th. Plenty of time to go home and get ready for your work week.
RSVP for this meet up will not hold your spot. No shows will hurt my wallet (Ouch), there for I’m requiring a $20. deposit to hold your spot.
When you RSVP I’ll send you my address and you can send me the money, or if your active with the group pay me in person.
Only payment will hold your spot the first 30 people that pay will get the bunk space..
If you snooze you loose, unless we get high volume’s and bring in more Yurt’s.
I’m shooting for 15 guys and 15 women, if were 16 guys and 14 women then I’ll sleep with the 4 ladys.
(Better yet 4 lady’s can sleep with me in my Yurt)

Group meals
5 meals total, plus sweets
2 Dinners
1 Lunch
2 Breakfast
6 people per meal group planning Everyone brings food.
As people pay me I’ll ask what meal they want to assist in and are you a vegetarian. I’ll then update the meal list on the Meetup page.
As people are added it is up to you to contact those fellow members that are on your meal list.
Very simple everyone chat back and forth via messaging or emails.
30 people means a bit of food to plan for.
Every meal need’s to be able to be diversified for Vegetarians.
This means we need to be able to leave the meat out of the scrambled eggs (Separated) or add the warm chicken tenders to the salad if you want the meat.
Plan the meals to add meat when needed.
Anyone can bring extra food or sweets for the group.
Ice chest will hold our food, must be secured at night from raccoons.
I’ll bring the big gas grill, stove and two big propane bottles and the green chairs for the firepit
We will need crock pots, coffee makers or electric water pots and another stove.
Pots, pans and dish’s is a free for all, same with soap and drinks
I’ll bring paper plates, cups and utensils that I’ve been hording from the bonfire Meetups.
Please no peanut stuff save it for home use, Not good to have with large groups of people.

Yurt #5---Margaret, Tina, Teresa, Eric, Alan
Yurt #6---Caron, Pam, Elliot, Michael, ????

Meals Planning
Friday Dinner--------- Tina, Pam, Alan
Saturday Breakfast--- Teresa, Margaret,t

Yurt #7--- Dee, Frankie (Private paid)

Saturday Lunch-------Dee, Frankie
Saturday dinner-------Elliott, Caron, Michael
Sunday Breakfast-----Eric, ????

This Page will be updated many times in the next month.
Any Questions Call or E-mail me.
Eric S. 206-595-2528