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Welcome! It’s a new year, and we hope that NEO 30s/40s will be an essential part of helping you to make the most out of it! Whether your goals are to experience new things, explore the city, meet new people, or just enjoy life a little more, that’s why we’re here. We all want to fill our lives with great friends, meaningful relationships, and amazing experiences. This group will not be for everyone and the standards for membership will be more highly managed than in most groups. Please pay close attention to the member expectations below and answer the questions thoughtfully when you request membership into the group.

Our events will include: Social get-togethers, adventures, community volunteering, personal growth type events, hikes & walks, Meet and Greets, exploring Northeast Ohio, and much much more!

This group was created by some of the current leadership team of the Cleveland 20s & 30s group who have plenty of experience organizing events. Our goal for this group is to reduce the amount of the frustrating behavior that you sometimes see in many other Meetup groups. Our goal is quality over quantity. We want good, interesting people to be part of our group. When you show up to our events, please be on your best behavior, do your best to look nice and ultimately just be the best person you can be. Think about the words that you use and how they affect the people around you. When you are interacting with others, please be conscientious about how to make their experience as enjoyable as possible and act accordingly. If any of this offends you, this is not the right group for you. There are plenty of other amazing groups to join.

Organizers reserve the right to screen potential members who we think would make a great fit for the group to ensure that it remains a safe and fun environment for everyone. We also reserve the right to manage membership at our discretion, including removing members for no-shows, multiple last minute RSVP changes, violating any of the other member expectations, or even if we just feel like individuals aren’t a great fit for the group.

When you apply for membership in the group, please take time to answer the questions thoroughly so that we can get an idea of who you are, but also don’t provide the type of personal information that you wouldn’t want everyone to know. Everyone in the group will be able to see the answers to your questions.


Don't private-message someone without meeting them first.

Don't message someone after an event with inappropriate comments or questions.

Treat people of the opposite-sex with respect. Respect their personal space.

It's basically common sense, the golden rule...

Would you make a date with your friend or a family member, then not show up without letting them know? Of course you wouldn't, you'd be a horrible person if you did that, right? You wouldn't do that to your mom or your BFF. SO, why would you do it to us?

We get that things happen... Stuff comes up... You gotta work late unexpectedly or you are feeling ill..., but please do the right thing and let us know not to expect you, and give us as much notice as possible. As soon as you know, please let us know.

If you RSVP to an event, please show up.
(We keep track of no-shows and last minute RSVP changes.)

If something happens, and there is a legit reason why you can't make it, please update your RSVP, & message the organizer of the event and let him or her know why.

Imagine it from the organizers' point of view...
Imagine how difficult and embarrassing it is for an organizer to make a reservation for a table of 12, and only 6 people actually show up. When planning events, should organizers over-estimate? Should they under-estimate? Our organizers are volunteers... They don't get paid to do the work that they do. They take time out of their busy schedules to help to try to help make the Cleveland community a better place to be. In return, please be courteous enough to make their lives easier.


Is it OK to meet someone, get to know them, and ask them out? Yes, of course. We think that it's a great feeling when a couple comes up to me and says that they met at an event that I hosted in the past.

On the other hand, some people treat Meetup like it is their own personal dating service. That is not OK. If you go to an event, and you have been on a date with everyone at the event, you might be a serial-dater. Don't be a serial-dater. (This goes for both men and women)

The quickest way to get removed from our group is to go after one of our members with questionable social behavior that affects the quality of the group. Be respectful to the other person, to other members of the group, and to our organizers.

How to help keep the group fun for everyone - Allow people to mingle at events. Don’t attempt to monopolize individuals’ time. They are there to have fun, not just to see you. Respect people’s personal space. Don’t message people that you don’t know. Don’t ask for phone numbers the first time you meet them.

DON’T BE CREEPY: A lot of us Meetup people tend to be nerdy, dorky, or socially awkward, and that's fine. In fact, let's celebrate our nerdy-ness. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe, and we will do our best to make everyone feel included in the events that we host. That being said, if one person is ruining an otherwise enjoyable event for everyone else with bad behavior, that person will be asked not to come back. If someone is making you uncomfortable, let an organizer know.

DON’T BE OVERLY NEGATIVE OR CAUSE DRAMA WITHIN THE GROUP: We personally welcome constructive criticism, but we have no interest in getting caught up in unnecessary drama. If you have suggestions or concerns, message the event organizer privately instead of being an alarmist or second guessing the event in front of everyone. Learn how to be civil towards one-another. Again, we are not going to allow a small number of individuals to ruin the enjoyment of the rest of the group. If you can't be a normal, decent human being and have basic amounts of respect towards others, please join another group.

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