Pine Grove & Ledges Trails - CVNP

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We’ll hike through the CVNP’s Pine Grove, Ledges, and connector trails for approximately 5 miles.

This is one of my favorite local hikes because of its beautiful variety in terrain including fragrant pine stands, colorful conglomerate cliffs, moss-covered outcrops, wooden footbridges, and hilly, winding, rooted, and rocky sections of trail.

Although the first mile is fairly level, I’d consider this, overall, a moderate hike, especially with the frequent elevation changes later—although nothing too steep or continuing long enough to be considered very strenuous. We typically start at a brisk pace for the first part, then slow down slightly for the rocky ledges area... (There are a lot of rocks and roots to navigate that are more safely done with careful stepping :-)

--> --> We will meet at the Octagon Shelter parking lot --> -->
--> --> THE TRAILHEAD IS AT THE TOP of the parking lot, NOT at the shelter (but restrooms are in the shelter if you need them before the hike).
--> --> This parking lot is located on Truxell Rd (also known as Kendall Park Rd) --south of Rte. 303, east of Akron-Peninsula Rd, and west of Akron-Cleveland Rd. in Boston Heights. **The park signs at the road clearly indicate the entrance drives for each shelter area.

If you arrive after we've started hiking and would like to catch up, we'll be taking the connector south from the lot and traveling counter-clockwise on Pine Grove Trail.

*Please take a look at the maps below.

See you there!