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NEOTD's Tech Meetup is at Lorain County Community College's Spitzer Center on April 11, 2019. It's the perfect opportunity for tech decision makers to improve their organizations’ tech landscape. For more info, visit: https://www.neotd.com/

Attendees will get to participate in interactive panel discussion and see the latest tech products on display and IT services showcased in the exhibitor area.

One of the speakers will be Brett L. Scott with his Keynote session: Cyber Threats: ‘What You Need to Know’. Brett brings an in-depth perspective on cybersecurity topics, and his broad base of experience is invaluable in helping others understand complex topics easily. Brett will also host an ‘Ethical Hacking’ session, where attendees will get to watch a live ethical hacking demonstration.

Another Keynote speaker will be Cathy Belk, President of JumpStart, Inc. Cathy will touch on how businesses and other organizations can get access to capital. She will offer advice on how organizations can get to the next level, especially when it comes to funding new ventures.

There will also be sessions dedicated to educators who are involved with tech, covering topics such STEM and sessions like: ‘Inspiring the Future Leaders of Tomorrow‘ and ‘How Colleges are Future-Proofing Students’

And, in the exhibitor area, attendees will get to see tech products from Acer, Cyber Power, HP, LG, Eaton, Lenovo, Samsung and many more. Here is the full list of exhibitors and sponsors at this event: https://www.neotd.com/exhibitors

The very last session of the day will be a Robotics Demonstration from Elyria Robotics, attendees can watch a robotics team in action and experience what a robotics competition is like first hand.

This meetup is free to attend but space may limited in some sessions, attendees will still need to reserve their spot and register here: https://www.neotd.com/register

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