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Please read before joining, it's a bit long but very important: This is a group for widows and widowers in Northeast PA and the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton areas. Started because there is a real need for those of us who have experienced a loss of our spouse to get together and share stories, laughs, tears, whatever! We as a group will do our best to promote a positive atmosphere for all. This widow/er group is open to all who join and to those in other groups as well. We are a diverse minded collection of people. The variety of our minds are what offers new and different experiences in our lives. With this life change we are going through, we all know how difficult it can be when you go it alone. We gladly welcome your attendance, friendship, suggestions, and feedback. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact any of the organizers through our respective email addresses or at an event.

The key to a growing, thriving group, is the contributions it's members make! We will be relying heavily on your input to make this group a successful growing and vibrant experience for you all! We have an open door policy. In this group, all active members will be made Event Organizers and will have the ability to post events. In fact, the group insists that there be more than just one or 2 event organizers! This practice empowers our members to become better, stronger, more involved people. And I will be watching, to see who stands out and steps up!

Our purpose is to come together and explore new paths to happiness through entertaining, informative and FUN ways! We will provide many fun activities and opportunities for growth including...

We will do fun things together! We will beat the grief monster who steals our selves! We will discover new things! We will go on field trips! We will find our new "normal"! We will eat, drink and be merry! (well, if that's what we want. and if we want to get together and cry, we will do just that..... CRY!). We will do day trips! We will do overnight trips! We will do trips to other states and maybe other countries! If you're out of the area (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Bucks County, Montgomery County, etc) we will accept you, BUT won't expect you to travel out of your respective areas (unless you want to of course ;) ). We will accept you, no matter your situation! This is a great way to meet positive people, share experiences, get emotional support to help each other successfully navigate through our individual journeys and most of all HAVE FUN while doing it! From hurt to healing, we are all in this together!

Sound good to you? Then join us, you never know where this meetup will end up!

Our first new member meetup has come and gone. Stay tuned, you won't want to miss our next one!

Sorry for asking the intrusive questions, I'm trying to weed out the trolls! Anyone want to add a question? Send me a message!

Please take a moment to review our guidelines before completing your profile.

NEPA/ABE and Surrounding Area Widow/er Connections Guidelines

• 1) Profile Pictures: Please post a recent, identifiable, single picture of yourself on your profile. This allows the organizers and members to recognize you at our meetup events. If you join w/out a recent pic of you or it is offensive you will be deleted.

• 2) RSVP's: Please change your RSVP to "NO" if you cannot attend an event. This allows our waiting list people to fill that slot. Our events will be popular, and we would like everyone to have a chance to enjoy them. If you cannot attend an event, a simple change in your RSVP to "No" will do. Meetup sends out an invite to new postings and there is no need to RSVP "no" unless you were a previous "yes" and need to update. No-shows will not be allowed to sign up for subsequent events with limited attendance and/or MAY be subject to 2a listed below.

• 2a) One Strike Policy: . NEPA/ABE and surrounding area widow/er connections has a "one strike" policy in place that allows members to "no-show" (RSVP YES to an event but not attend, and not inform of change) up to 1 (one) time. If it happens again the member will be removed. Please be cognizant of your RSVP's as you would be to any other commitment you made, and consider how you would feel if you were in another's shoes. If you have an emergency, that is understandable, life happens, but at least apologize to the organizer/s the next day!

• 3) Wait Lists: Please know, if you are on a wait list, there is a good chance you will be able to come to an event. Meetup will automatically change your RSVP to "Yes" when a spot becomes available. The organizers have NO control over these changes or email notifications, so keep a close eye on the attendees lists.

• 4) Event Fees: IF there is an event fee, please be considerate and pay for it - even if something comes up at the time of the event. Organizers and event hosts will sometimes use their own money to make reservations or bookings and count on attendees' payments for reimbursement.

• 5) Promoting your Business: Talking about your profession is allowed, however using our group to promote your business is not.

• 6) Slander: All of us here are going through difficult transitions, and we want this to be a safe group to come to for enjoyment and support. Please do not harm anyone with gossip or harsh words. If you have a concern we ask that you please email that member instead of writing it in the conversation box for all to see.

• 7) Alcohol Consumption: Please keep your drinking within safe and legal limits while at an event.

• 8) Personal Information: For your safety, we STRONGLY suggest limiting your sharing of personal information online. We also suggest refraining from posting your last name. Initials are fine.

• 9) Relationships: WARNING! If you are a "troll" (male or female) and the organizers find out about it, you will be removed from this group faster than a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. THIS IS NOT A HOOKUP SITE. If that is what you want there are plenty of "Dating Sites" to go hunting in.

And lastly;

• 10) Spammers and Solicitors: Spamming and soliciting our members are not welcome. People looking to profit from it will be removed.

Here's to our helpful healing Suddenly Singles!

Karin & the Organizers Team

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