• EAA 146 Fly-in Breakfast at Kline Kill (NY1)

    Kline Kill Airport (NY1)

    My favorite fly in is at Kline Kill airport in New York. Let's plan to meet at 9:00 am, but if enough people want a later time we can change it. Be sure to brush up on your soft field skills! This is a beautifully maintained grass field and the turn out is always good.

  • KVSF Summer FlyIn and Wings Seminar

    Needs a location

    Schedule of Events: 9am —Coffee & Donuts 10am — FAA Wings Seminar Noon — Lunch: Burgers on the grill Event Sponsored by: Springfield Aviation (FBO & Maintenance); Catamount Composite Squadron, CAP; Springfield Airport Commission; New England Soaring Association. FAA Wings Seminar: Complacency Just because things are going well now doesn’t mean they can’t suddenly go horribly wrong! An open and frank discussion of the dangers of complacency. Led by Dick Ferno. Dick has been a flight instructor since 1981 and holds AGI, CFI, and CFII certificates. He is a retired air traffic controller (Burlington tower/approach control) with 32 years of experience. Hartness State Airport — KVSF CTAF: 122.8; ASOS[masked] Rwy: 05/[masked] x 100 Asphalt; Rwy: 1/[masked] x 75 Asphalt; Glider operations on and in vicinity of Airport;