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Energize your Body and Brain at the NERDbody Boost Camp
Have a blast, get a boost, a warm-up and a workout previewing, and doing, the simple, no-sweat NERDbody activities for the coming week. The NERDbody boost camp will make you, even more effective and efficient at work in the week ahead. And there will be NERDbody smoothies Wear comfortable clothes and bring resistance bands. Flat Bands, Loop Bands and stackable tube bands if you have them. If you don't have them you can order them online at or let me know and I will bring a set to you.

Nod Coworking

17290 Preston Rd #300 · Dallas, TX

What we're about

NERDbody makes it fun and easy for smart, busy professionals to stay energized and fit even while working long hours at our sedentary jobs. And, it takes less time per day than your average coffee break.

The NERDbody Boost Camp Meetup is a weekend warmup, workout, and active participation preview of the NERDbody activities for the week ahead.

"NERDbody cracked the fitness code for busy professionals like me" Todd Pagel CEO TITAL

During our busy workdays, NERDbody is four, 1-to-2 minute activities per day delivered right to your phone. These activities are spaced through out the day. They can boost your mood and your energy while improving your focus and level fitness.

Reserve a spot in our Saturday Morning NERDbody Boost Camp Meetup

Why we need NERDbody:

Study after study shows that our inactive lifestyles are killing us; destroying our physical health, and draining our productivity. It's estimated in the USA alone, we spend 28 billion per year on issues directly caused by our inactive lifestyles.

And the reality is that we are less active than ever.

All day long we work our brains and ignore our bodies. With each technological advance, we continue removing the need to move right out of our daily lives

And yet studies continue to show that to perform at our best mentally, we also need to be active physically

Join us at the Saturday Mornings NERDbody Boost Camp Meetupat 9:00. (We're even serving NERDbody smoothies)

The NERDbody Boost Camp comes with 10 activity points for every participant. And, for those interested in NERDbody Certification the NERDbody Boost Camp counts towards qualification requirements.

Space is limited so make sure to reserve you spot early.

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