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Fort Point Channel / Boston Harbor Islands

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PLEASE NOTE: RSVP's for this event will begin 2 weeks prior. (July 13)

We will be putting in at the new Floating Dock Kayak Launch at Fort Point Channel in downtown Boston.

We will paddle past Castle Island, then between Spectacle and Thompson Islands, out around Long Island and return to Fort Point, stopping on Spectacle for a break. Distance will be about 11 Nautical Miles (12.6 Statute Miles)

After the paddle, we will walk over to the Barking Crab for an "After Paddle Pig Out" (a 10 min. walk)

High Tide at Boston Harbor : 3:43 PM

Low Tide at Boston Harbor : 9:23 AM

This Is Really Important! This is a Level 2+ paddle, restricted to Kayaks 14 feet or more in length, with Watertight Bulkheads and Functional Spray Skirts. We will likely encounter Wind, Waves, Boat Traffic, Commercial Ships, and Tidal Currents. You will need to be competent in Self and Assisted Rescues, Paddling in Large Waves and Boat Wakes, Quickly Crossing Boat Channels, Paddling in Currents, Paddling in Open Water, and Launching and Landing on Docks.

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$$$$ If you will be joining us at the Barking Crab, Bring some cash or plastic. $$$$

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Fort Point Channel is a maritime channel separating South Boston from downtown Boston, Massachusetts, feeding into Boston Harbor. The south part of it has been gradually filled in for use by the South Bay rail yard and several highways (specifically the Central Artery and the Southeast Expressway). At its south end, the channel once widened into South Bay (Boston), from which the Roxbury Canal continued southwest where the Massachusetts Avenue Connector is now. The Boston Tea Party occurred at its northern end. The channel is surrounded by the Fort Point neighborhood, which is also named after the same colonial-era fort. (From Wikipedia)

Castle Island is located in South Boston on the shore of Boston Harbor. It is currently a 22-acre (8.9 ha) recreation site, the location of Fort Independence, and has been the site of a fortification since 1634. It is now connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, and is thus no longer an island. (From Wikipedia)

Spectacle Island is an island in Boston Harbor, situated some 4 miles offshore of downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The island has a varied history, and today is a public park, forming part of the Boston
Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. It is served throughout the year by ferries from Boston, and on weekends and summer weekdays by a shuttle boat to and from the other surrounding islands.
The island was initially composed of two small drumlins connected by a spit, with an approximate size of 49 acres. The name is believed to derive from its then-resemblance to a pair of spectacles. However, dumping of trash and dirt, together with subsequent landscaping, have resulted in a significantly larger island with a permanent size of 85 acres, plus an intertidal zone of a further 28 acres. The island is now composed of two artificial earth mounds, terraced with retaining walls, roads and newly planted vegetation. With a height above sea level of 157 feet, Spectacle Island is now one of the highest points on Boston Harbor. (From Wikipedia)

Long Island is situated in the middle of Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. The island is part of the City of Boston, and of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area. Access to the island is via a road over a
4,175-foot causeway from the Squantum peninsula of North Quincy to Moon Island, and from there, over a 3,050-foot two-lane steel bridge from Moon Island to Long Island. The bridge is officially called the Long Island Viaduct. The island is 1.75 miles long and covers 225 acres. Access to the causeway leading to Moon Island and Long Island is controlled by police at a guardhouse at its southern end, and permission to enter the island must be obtained in advance since it is a restricted area. (From Wikipedia)

Thompson Island is an island in the Boston Harbor, some 4 miles offshore from downtown Boston, Massachusetts. The island is managed by the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center, a non-profit education organization. The island is open to visitors on summer Sundays; otherwise access is by arrangement only. It forms part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.The island has a permanent size of 170 acres, and the highest point is a drumlin that reaches a height of 78 feet above sea level. The rest of the island comprises low rolling hills and a salt marsh. The island has a mixed vegetation, including hardwood tree stands, remnant pear and apple orchards, ornamental trees and shrubs, open meadows, sumac groves, salt marsh grasses, and lawns, including a soccer field. (From Wikipedia)

GPS Coordinates of Fort Point Channel: N42° 20' 56.61' X W71° 3' 3.68"


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1) Take I-95 South

2) Exit 46 to US-1 South Towards Boston (There is a $3.00 Toll at the Tobin Bridge)

3) Keep Left onto I-93 South / US-1 South

4) Take Exit 20B-A to I-90 West / Mass Pike. Then take Exit 20A towards South Station.

5) Turn Left on Summer Street

6) Turn Right on Melcher Street

7) Turn Right on Necco Street

8) Enter the Large Parking Lot on the Right. The launch is at the back of the parking lot along the water. There is a $6.00 parking fee.

Google Map Directions To The Fort Point Channel Kayak Launch (,+-71.05092287063599&hl=en&sll=37.771008,-122.41175&sspn=0.043829,0.059137&vpsrc=0&t=h&z=16)