.NET Bratislava Meetup #11

This is a past event

19 people went

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📍 Agenda:
• Introduction (5 min)
• App Speedup using SIMD Instructions (50 min)
• Break (10 min)
• Introduction to ML.NET (50 min)
• Networking in Daňovák

📍 App Speedup using SIMD Instructions by Michal Bubnár
SIMD processor instructions (Single Instruction Multiple Data) are processor instructions, that work with more data (vector of values) at once, so they perform (mainly) arithmetic operations faster.

A compiler should compile the code into SIMD processor instructions, however compiler is not omnipotent and our applications might not utilize available processing power.

There is a way how to ensure that however and I can show some real life examples, where and how can this approach be applicable.

📍 Introduction to ML.NET by Marek Linka
An introductory session to creating and using machine learning models from .NET applications - the ML.NET library and possibly Win.ML framework.

📍 Speakers:
• Michal Bubnár has been developing since his teenage years, when he experimented with OpenGL and games creation (which he still considers as his hobby today). He works as Software Developer for almost 9 years now. He has 7 years of C++ experience and in the last 2 years, he got into the .NET world.

• Marek Linka
Marek earns money by writing C# and train neural networks by night.