Developing for Multiple Devices with the Uno Platform


In this era of multiple devices, the shift is on to platforms that can project front ends to multiple devices and environments. Xamarin began the move in that direction several years ago. Now other contenders such as Google Flutter are entering the fray. The Uno Platform is currently the option with the widest reach, allowing an app to target iOS, Android, Windows 10, and common browsers via WebAssembly. It’s markup is in XAML and code is in C#, providing a mature and flexible means of building modern, responsive apps for a broad spectrum of targets.

In this session, we’ll look at how to get started on the Uno Platform, offer tips about targeting the various devices and platforms, discuss expected evolution of Uno, and see some simple examples built in Uno and projected to Windows, Android, and the browser.


Billy Hollis is a UX generalist, developer, software architect, author, and long-time speaker at major tech conferences. He leads a team of world-class native client developers at Next Version Systems, where the team creates and implements trailblazing UX designs for companies from Fortune 100 down to medium-sized technology firms.

Billy has been recognized by Microsoft both in their prestigious, business-oriented Regional Director program, and was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardee for fifteen years. He wrote some of the earliest books published on the .NET Framework, and more recently has also done video courses for Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning.


6:30pm - Doors open / Networking
7:00pm - News and announcements
7:10pm - Presentation
8:30pm - Wrapped Up


Please RSVP to attend. Bring your printed registration and show to guard at door. The guard will escort groups back to the meeting room.