Micro-services Architecture


This event is sponsored by BCIT [http://www.bcit.ca] and IT-IQ [https://www.it-iq.com/].

Aram will cover 2 main areas, plus several not very "main" areas.


He will be talking about Architecture considerations around Microservices and how those considerations fit together to shape our solution.

We will also be looking at some of the patterns to consider more than anything else, but obviously you will need to tweak these patterns and recommendations for your own particular needs.


Aram will show you some simple implementations using .NET to give you a better understanding of how things will probably look like.

Speaker: Aram Koukia

Vancouver Microsoft MVP, Software Developer and Architect

And when not creating software, Aram likes hiking, playing soccer, tennis, reading and anything to do with TV shows. When in the writing mood, he posts some stuff on his blog: https://koukia.ca

Medhat Elmasry will give a very short talk on how you can test your REST API using simple PowerShell commands.