Design microservices with event modeling


Topic: Designing microservices using event modeling: Getting system boundaries and transactions right

Event Storming is great for designing microservices, understanding legacy code, planning projects and gaining a shared understanding of problem- and solution spaces. It has earned an "adopt" rating in the latest Thoughtworks Radar ("... event storming has rapidly become one of our favorite methods for rapidly identifying the key concepts in a problem space and aligning a variety of stakeholders in the best way to slice potential solutions.")

In this session, we'll explore some end-to-end event storming examples and share tips and tricks on how to get the most from the activity. We have used event storming for every project we've done in the last few years. We've seen some recurring themes and learned a number of lessons when turning event stormings into working systems and plans where everybody is on the same page and stays there which we'd like to share this evening.

Speaker: Robert Reppel

Robert Reppel is the CTO of TwoTonic Labs. He has written his first commercial software applications more than 25 years ago. He has seen many since, as developer, architect, entrepreneur, development manager and agile practitioner, for companies from startups to large multinationals. An experienced trainer, workshop facilitator and international conference speaker, he has presented at the Norwegian Developers’ Conference, PrairieDevCon, Agile Vancouver and numerous other events. He has worked in the Microsoft / .NET space for many years. Of late, his focus has been event based systems and the magic that makes them happen. To that end, he mostly works in NodeJS, React/Redux and assorted container- and serverless technologies on Azure, AWS and Google Cloud